How Can I Heat My House Without A Furnace

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When we think about a warm house, the first thing that comes to mind is a furnace. Unfortunately, furnaces aren’t always there for us. The power might go out, you might not own a furnace, or your furnace might be broken and needs a furnace repair service provider to fix it.

Will you freeze to death because you don’t have a furnace? Absolutely not, as there are plenty of ways you can heat the house. If you are asking, how can I heat my house without a furnace, there are plenty of ways to do it. Here are some of these ways:

Use a kerosene heater.

Kerosene is a traditional heating fuel and has been used for eons. If you have the kerosene heater in the house, fill it with kerosene and fire it up.

If your furnace broke down and you don’t have money to repair it, you can buy the heater from your local store.

When making the purchase, buy a small heater designed for indoor use. You don’t want a large one that emits plenty of harmful carbon monoxide that puts your life and that of your loved ones in danger. You also should ensure the heater is ventless.

When placing the heater in the house, position it next to a window, and open the window slightly. This is to get rid of fumes and the powerful kerosene smell.

Fire up the woodstove

Almost every home has a wood stove, and it comes in handy when the furnace goes out on you. If you will be without the furnace for long and you have plenty of wood to use as fuel, you can set up a portable wood stove in your house.

You can do the work by yourself or hire a professional to help you out. When installing the wood stove, set it up by a window and have a chimney pipe in place to channel the smoke out.

Build a simple candle heater

If the power has gone out in the middle of a frigid night and there is no other option, you can warm the house using candles. It’s true candles aren’t the best heat sources, but they can come to your aid in times of emergency.

Build a simple candle heater with clay pots and place it away from pets and kits. Also, keep it away from curtains, books, furniture, and other materials that can easily catch fire.

Use wind

If you live in an area that experiences incessant power outages, think about alternative power sources. One of the best options is the wind.

In addition to wind generating enough power that you can store in a battery for later use, it’s more eco-friendly, so you not only have peace of mind (due to the presence of another power source), but you also play your part in conserving the environment.

Seal it off

Has the furnace gone out, and you absolutely don’t have any other way out? Seal off the house. Identify a small room with a lower ceiling, then place books, pillows, blankets, and other materials around.

When you do this, you keep the heat you generate from escaping and end up with a warm, comfortable house.

Put a rug on it

If your floor isn’t carpeted, rugs will add a layer of insulation that will go a long way towards keeping as much heat as possible in the house. When choosing rugs, ensure they are large and non-slipping. You don’t want to fall as you are walking, do you?

Have a party

The furnace going out isn’t the end of the world, is it? If you have small kids, ask them to accompany you and dance around the house. By doing this, you will have blood running much faster; hence, you generate enough heat that heats your body and the house.

Before the jig, remove glasses and other breakable items.

If dancing isn’t your cuppa, engage in yoga, jumping jacks, and other light activities that will get the blood flowing.

Prepare for winter

While you can survive without a furnace, it can be costly, especially if you have to buy heaters and other items. To prevent the furnace from going out on you, always prepare for winter. Before the season strikes, ask a furnace service Long Island to clean the furnace, inspect it and fix any issues it might be having.

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