How Many Hours Should AC Run per Day?

If you are asking, how many hours should AC run per day, you must have had your unit on for a long time that you are concerned, right? Well, the number of hours you should have the unit on depends on plenty of factors, such as your insulation, the outside temperature, the size of your house, how long you stay in the house, and many other factors.

While there isn’t a definite number of hours you should have the unit running, AC repair services providers highly discourage against keeping the AC running 24/7 as it comes with plenty of repercussions, with the major ones being:

Wasted energy: Air conditioners are one of the highest energy consumers in a standard home, so when you keep your unit running all the time, even after reaching your desired room temperature, you end up wasting a lot of energy.

High-energy bill: It goes without saying that when you keep your unit running the entire day, it consumes a lot of energy, reflected in the high energy bill at the end of the month.

Reduced lifespan: Like your car or any other appliance that you keep running the entire time, when you keep the AC running 24/7, you overwork it, which also reduces its lifespan. An overworked appliance also tends to keep breaking down.

How can you increase the efficiency of your air conditioner?

To reduce the amount of time the AC has to be on to cool the house, you should improve its efficiency. How do you do this? Here are tips to follow:

Service the AC before summer strikes

Before the cooling season strikes, get in touch with an experienced professional and have them come and inspect the appliance and fix any issues it might be having. The check-up by the professionals will uncover any issues that might impede proper functioning during summer.

Upgrade the insulation in your house

One of the factors that affect how long the AC runs is the insulation in the house. When the house is properly insulated, little cool air escapes, so the air conditioner doesn’t have to work for long to reach your desired temperature.

It’s a completely different ball game when the house is poorly insulated. Here all the cool air that the AC produces leaks into the outside, so the AC has to keep working to keep you cool and comfortable.

To increase the efficiency and working time of the AC, inspect the insulation in the attic and walls. If the insulation is deficient, consider upgrading it.

While at it, check the insulation in the ductwork. If you have exposed ducts in the utility room, basement, or garage, plenty of cool air will escape here, so to prevent it from happening, seal the ducts.

Make use of ceiling fans.

If you have had your AC on for a long time, switch it off and use ceiling fans. While the fans won’t produce the cool air you are craving, they will keep the air circulating freely, so you will feel cooler even though the AC isn’t on.

If you don’t have fans already installed in the house, work with experienced contractors to help you find and install the right fans for your home.

Keep your AC clean

Even though you should hire a repair professional at the beginning of the cooling season to inspect the unit and fix the faulty parts, you shouldn’t always wait for this wrong.

To keep the appliance in top working condition, make it a habit to clean it regularly. At least once a month, look at the filters, and if dirty, clean them. If too dirty or damaged, replace them.

You also should pay attention to the outdoor units. Are the units covered in tall grass, shrubs, or weeds? Cut them back. Also rake any leave piles that might have accumulated around the unit.

Install a programmable thermostat

The programmable thermostat aims to ensure the AC isn’t running when you don’t need it. You need to set the temperature at which you want the AC to start cooling and stop. The beauty is once you have had it installed, you don’t need the help of air conditioner repair services Woodbury providers to set it—you can do everything by yourself.

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