What Does It Mean When Your AC Blows Out Hot Air?

The AC is supposed to blow cold air into the house to keep it nice and comfortable, so when it blows hot air, there is something wrong with it. What does it mean when your AC blows out hot air? According to commercial air conditioning repair services providers, the AC will blow hot air instead of cold air due to plenty of reasons. Here are some of these reasons and what you should do to fix them:

The air filters are dirty.

The air filters determine the quality of air getting into the house. When the filters are clean and in good condition, they allow clean air so you have a fresh, comfortable house, and the AC works at its best.

With dirty air filters, the air conditioner can’t properly move air through the system, and this strains the unit leading to plenty of issues, including the AC blowing warm air into the house.

Thankfully, fixing this issue is easy as all you need to do is clean the air filters. If the filters are too dirty or damaged, replace them.

There is no electricity in your split air conditioning system

If you have a split air conditioning system, both the indoor and outdoor components should run to complete the cooling cycles and deliver cooling in the house. When your home’s outdoor unit’s power is interrupted, you are left with the indoor components only working, which causes warm air to blow from your home’s vents.

Again fixing this issue is easy as all you need to do is check the outdoor unit and ensure it has power. You also should check your home’s electrical panel and verify the breaker hasn’t tripped, and reset it if necessary. Also, check the ON/OFF switch on or near the outdoor unit and verify it’s set to ON.

The refrigerant levels are too low.

Most air conditioners have a refrigerant whose work is to absorb heat from the air. If you have a leakage, the refrigerant will leak, and consequently, the AC will struggle to cool the air. A tell-tale sign you have a low refrigerant problem is ice forming on the indoor and outdoor unit.

To fix this issue, you need to find the location of the leak and seal it. Although adding the refrigerant is easy, don’t attempt to do it, especially if you have never done it before, as the refrigerant is dangerous and can hurt you in the event it spills.

The right way to go about it is to hire a professional AC expert to help you out.

To prevent the leaks from coming about in the first place, make it a habit of hiring AC technicians at least once a year to inspect your unit and fix any issues it might be having.

During the inspection, if the AC contractor notices the AC hissing, forming ice, or blowing even tiny amounts of warm air, move with haste and fix the issue before it worsens.

You have improper thermostat settings.

Sometimes you might panic that your unit is producing hot air, while this might be due to a simple problem such as wrong thermostat settings. Sometimes the AC might blow hot air due to the thermostat being set to “heat.”

If you inspect the unit and find out this is the case, flip the thermostat back to “cool” and see whether the AC blows the cool air again.

While at it, check the condition of the thermostat. Is it in top condition? Are the batteries working? Is the temperature set too high? You should make the necessary adjustments by following the instructor’s manual.

The condenser is faulty.

The condenser radiates or dissipates heat from the liquid refrigerant coming from the compressor. When the condenser is functioning optimally, it allows the liquid refrigerant to cool down a little to return to a gaseous state as it flows back through the rest of the unit.

When the compressor isn’t working, or there is a blockage, you are hit with a fistful of hot air.

Unless you are highly experienced and know what you are doing, you shouldn’t try to fix this issue. Instead, hire an experienced AC repair services Woodbury provider to help you out.

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