Is It OK To Leave Furnace On All The Time?

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The decision to leave the furnace on all the time depends on your preferences because doing so has pros and cons.

Pros of having the furnace on

According to furnace service professionals, when you have the furnace on all the time, you tend to benefit from several perks that include:

Better air circulation

You stand to benefit the most from better air circulation when you have a large house such as a multi-story building.

Since the house is vast, switching off the furnace at certain times of the day means that some parts of the house will be hot while others will remain cold.

For example, if you have a multi-story building, you will have warm upper levels while the lower ones remain cooler.

To promote even temperature distribution, consider getting a fan and having it running all the time.

You also should consider setting the thermostat to run in fan mode. This way, the furnace will pull hot air down to the ground level and, at the same time, push some of the cooler air to the upper floor through the ductwork.

You maintain an even temperature throughout the house

Even if having the furnace all the time benefits those with multi-story buildings, it can also benefit those with a single-story house as it has been shown that when you have the furnace on all the time, you have an easy time getting rid of hot and cold spots in the house.

All you need to do is to set your thermostat to run at a constant temperature all the time, which ensures that all areas of your house have the same temperature.

You have improved air quality.

It goes without saying that when your furnace runs all the time, you have more air getting in and out of your house.

If you suffer from allergies or asthma, this is good news for you as there are fewer allergens in the air.

The constant movement of air also means better air quality, which is beneficial not only to those with respiratory conditions, but also to everyone, as the house feels more comfortable to live in.

Cons of having your furnace running all the time

Like the two sides to a coin, having your furnace on all the time comes with a couple of setbacks. These setbacks include:

High energy bills

It goes without saying that your electricity bill is bound to go up when your furnace is on all the time. While your electricity bill will be higher than when you periodically turn off the unit, there are several things you can do to prevent your unit from constantly consuming too much power.

If you know you will be having your appliance running all the time, get a high-quality appliance with a high-efficiency motor that won’t consume too much power. This way, you can run your unit continuously without creating a massive dent in your pocket.

You need frequent maintenance.

Like a frequently used car, you need to maintain your furnace regularly. While this is good as you get to keep your unit in top working condition, it also means spending more money maintaining your appliance.

To get the most from your unit, ensure that the maintenance work is done by an experienced professional who knows what they are doing.

Many homeowners try to cut corners by hiring cheap contractors. You should know that there is a reason why the contractors are cheap—they are most likely inexperienced, and chances are they will ruin your appliance.

To stay on the safe side, work with experienced professionals. While they will be a little expensive, they will be worth it as you are sure they know what they are doing and won’t ruin your appliance.

Parting shot

The decision whether to keep your appliance on all the time depends on your preferences. All you need to do is an analysis of the pros and cons of it, then come up with a conclusion.

If you aren’t sure whether you should have your unit on, get the input of an experienced heating service repair Long Island.

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